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Featured Student & Teacher Produced Video Submissions

  • Watch It, Don't Botch It! Protect Whale Sharks!
  • Environmental Excellence Award
  • No Mangroves = No Man
  • 14 Billion Footsteps


Nicolas Ibargüen
Environmental Correspondent Fusion

Contest winners will be on-camera and co-host a live Eco-Link Fusion “Project Earth” filming expedition in the spectacular Florida everglades hosted by Fusion Environmental Correspondent Nicolas Ibargüen.

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The Eco-Link Challenge is an open call for students to serve as Eco-Reporters and submit environmentally based Public Service Announcements and short form informational videos to engage and educate the public on critical environmental issues affecting all of South Florida.

Submitted topics must focus on one of the following; Why you are passionate about a career in STREAM (Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Arts or Math), Everglades and/or Other South Florida Habitat Protection, Ecologically Safe and Responsible Products, Coastal Resilience and/or Mitigation Strategies, Fresh Water Conservation, Invasive and/or Endangered Species, Alternative Energy, Transportation or Recycling.


Teachers and Students To Appear On Fusion’s “Planet Earth” Television Eco-Link Everglades Expedition.


Students, teachers and parents.


All entries must be submitted by November 1, 2017 – 5:00 PM EST.